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Echos of Your Goodbye

Somebody asked me recently “How do you come up with your ideas?” Well, this project is a good example. First I wanted to explore a variety of art styles and decided to do a portrait series of mixed-race young women in a limited pallet of blues and violets. That made me think of Duke Ellington’s […]

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By Margarida Barreto Knowing Margarida Barreto for about a year, I wouldn’t expect anything from her to be less than excellent! On that point, her book doesn’t disappoint! Her subtitle is “Generative creative images from text prompts and seamlessly integrating them into your workflow.” But it could have been “Everything there is to know about […]

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Generating Creative Images With DALL-E 3

A new book by Holly Picano Though this book is about using DALL-E 3, it an excellent book to read no matter the text-to-image platform you are currently using. The book is a good read for both beginners and advanced prompters covering subjects that apply to any AI image creation. “Part 1: Getting to know […]

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My Review of Musavir

I was an early tester of Musavir when it was in Beta and have continued to use it as one of my three go-to programs. So you might like to read my opinions and see my results with the program.

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