Chihuly Glass 2

Since we now know that MidJourney knows what Chihuly Glass sculptures look like, where might we use Chihuly Glass as an element in an image? Chihuly Medusa, Chihuly Jellyfish, or Chihuly Octopus? Where would you […]

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Chihuly Glass 1

Anyone who’s visited Seattle, knows Chihuly Glass having visited the museum at the base of the Space Needle. A huge collection of the works of Dale Chihuly is presented in the museum as well as […]

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MidJourney: The Golden Hour: Part 2

“The Golden Hour.” That’s what photographers call the early morning light right after dawn. On my first Golden Hour post, Marco Morales suggested, “looks like a genre onto itself.” So Marco, this one’s for you, my friend! […]

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MidJourney: Learning to Speak so MidJourney Understands

Two men walk into a bar. One is Chinese and the other Italian. They suspect they’d have a lot more fun if they could speak the same language, but they are having fun drinking together! […]

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MidJourney: Children and Child Statues Photo Beta Tests

I just wanted to see how the MJ photo mode handled child images so I was purposely very limited in my prompts. I used “portrait of young child” rather than specifying “boy” or “girl” to […]

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