MidJourney: The Feeling of Celebrations

Second in a series of 3 MidJourney image explorations. Here are visualized various USA celebrations.

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MidJourney: Mardi Gras

First in a series of celebration images created in MidJourney.

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MidJourney: Bringing together a global community

In recent days, I’ve had people like the MJ images I’ve produced, follow me, and/or link on LinkedIn literally from all over the world: England, Germany, Lithuania, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Australia, […]

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MidJourney: Combining 3D rendered elements with AI created images

Examples and explanation of how to combine MidJourney landscape images with 3D elements.

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MIdJourney: Dramatizing the Causes of Pain and Suffering

In 1971, the Carpenters sang “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” Synonymous with pain, loneliness, and suffering are rainy nights, empty city streets and the color blue. Synonymous with hurting, and pending doom […]

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