The Artist is the Art

Marshall McLuhan became famous in the 60’s for his statement that “The Media is the Message!” I don’t know if I’ll become famous for this statement, but I believe “The Artist is the Art!”

I think you have to be an artist/designer/illustrator/art director/creative director/writer/musician/composer/singer/film maker/architect to fully appreciate the truth in that statement. But the artist puts themselves totally into whatever they create. Their work is personal—so personal that when an artist creates and looks at the finished piece, they say to themselves, “That is me! I did that!” There are so few occupations that have tangible proof of what they do. But an artist—they delve deeply into themselves to pull out something from their gut to create. 

Some ideas come as a spark, an instant concept that they know is perfect! Other concepts take work, agony, sweat, sleepless nights. Either way, the solution is them! Burst out or pulled out, it is deeply and completely who they are. Collaborations are still the same—they’re just a blend of various artists guts or souls. 

If you are an artist, you get it! If you’re not, my words are hyperbole. But why am I approaching 60 years in advertising (June 2024), it’s because ever since I was two years old and started to draw, I have enjoyed saying “See this? I did this! This is who I am!” When I show you something I’ve done, it isn’t bragging. It’s me saying “Share the joy of what I’ve created with me!”

Each of you artists, celebrate yourselves! The Artist is the Art!

Images 1-9 created by me in Midjourney

Images 10-19 created by me in Dall-E 3 with Bing

Images 20-28 created by me in Musavir

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