Fibonacci Sequence & Fractal Geometry Part 3—Architecture

I decided to complete the series I’ve been posting on LinkedIn about Fibonacci Sequence vs Golden Ratio. This series of architectural images were created with both “Fibonacci Sequence” and “Fractal Geometry” in the prompts. I’m also posting, at the same time, Golden Ratio & Fractal Geometry Part 4—Architecture. Be sure and look at that, too!

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Golden Ratio vs Fibonacci Sequence Part 2—Plus Fractal Geometry

MJ understands how Fractal Geometry effects images. Though you can’t add a fractal formula as a prompt, the addition of “fractal geometry” to your prompt creates objects that either continue to create detailed patterns. With both “Golden Ratio” and “Fibonacci sequence” when “fractal geometry” is added, you get some very beautiful and intricate spiraling patterns.

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