Generating Creative Images With DALL-E 3

A new book by Holly Picano

Though this book is about using DALL-E 3, it an excellent book to read no matter the text-to-image platform you are currently using. The book is a good read for both beginners and advanced prompters covering subjects that apply to any AI image creation.

“Part 1: Getting to know DALL-E 3” not only explains prompting, but also gives many examples of various prompts and their explanations covering things like camera angles and lens settings, lighting, film types, illustration styles, art movements, human elements (like hair and jewelry styles), and places and settings. It goes into prompt structure, variations and fine-tuning, as well as inpainting and outpainting.

“Part 2: Practical Applications” delves into crafting and selling fine art prints. It has a detailed explanation of how to set up NFTs for sale and it discusses book covers, magazines and other publications.

“Part 3: The Future of AI and Art” explores ethical questions, copyright infringement, and machine bias. Then it revisits prompting with a wealth of “Effective Prompt Cheat Sheet” hints and prompt suggestions. Finishing off with some case studies and interviews of 3 pioneers in AI.

As you can see this is a very complete and detailed book and worth the time to read and learn. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon: