By Margarida Barreto

Knowing Margarida Barreto for about a year, I wouldn’t expect anything from her to be less than excellent! On that point, her book doesn’t disappoint! Her subtitle is “Generative creative images from text prompts and seamlessly integrating them into your workflow.” But it could have been “Everything there is to know about Midjourney—finally all in one place!”

I consider myself an expert on Midjourney, but there were a number of things in Margarida’s book that I didn’t know before reading it. The book discusses the history of AI, the history and development of Midjourney, and best of all, the majority of the book is about prompting in explicit terms and is filled with beautifully generated images to illustrate every detail about prompting. 

After Margarida gives a “Quick Start Guide” for beginners, she goes into an excellent 30-page detailed explanation of parameters. Part 3 of her book discusses “Advanced Prompts” and how to upgrade them tor “Optimal Results.” Settings are also discussed thoroughly and how to fully utilize the “Style Tuner.”

“Part 4: Prompting for the Real World” explores practical use cases and pushing boundaries, tips, tricks, and special functions. This 306-page book had to be that long to include everything that Margarida has shared in this exquisitely detailed and exquisitely illustrated gem of a book. I guarantee beginner or experienced pro, you’ll learn much from this book!