Golden Ratio verses Fibonacci Sequence: Part 1

Back in the early days of MJ V4 David Alvarez, on LinikedIn, did a lot of exploration of prompting “Golden Ratio introducing to us all the beauty of that mathematical term. It became prompt words I enjoyed using especially because of the similarity of the curl of a chameleon’s prehensile tail.

Ar. June Chow has been recently issuing challenges to people on LinkedIn that many have been exploring as a result of the subject of her challenges. The most recent dealt with Fibonacci Sequence in Architecture.

She and I had a discussion about the comparison of how Midjourney interprets the terms Fibonacci Sequence verses Golden Ratio.

As many know, I like to explore one-word prompts, or in this case two-word prompts. The way I prefer to experiment is to change the parameters to see how they effect the results. So here we vary the stylize parameter 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, and finally 1000 with chaos 100.

There are two more parts to this exploratory: Part 2 combines individually Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence with the prompt “fractal geometry;” and Part 3 applies the two terms to various subjects including architecture. But here we visit the beauty resulting from prompting these two mathematical terms.

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