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Does MidJourney know what Dr. Fauci looks like?

I wanted to test if MidJourney would know what Dr. Anthony Fauci looks like and how Robert Bruno illustrates. Prompt: “Dr. Anthony Fauci as superhero, poster art in the style of Robert Bruno.” MJ2 did […]

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MidJourney, if you could be any kind of animal, what would you be?

Other than the above question, my only added prompt was “—ar 16:9” image proportion. I also asked for a variation on the 4th one with the best results being image 5.

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MidJourney, where would you like to travel?

Other than the question above, my only added prompt was “—ar 16:9” image proportion. 

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MidJourney, what artist style is your favorite?

The usual way to get MJ to generate images is to give it verbal prompts. I decided instead to ask it a question and let it decide. My only added prompt was “—ar 16:9” for […]

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MidJourney, what would you like to draw?

MidJourney is an artificial intelligence image generation program, currently in beta. It has definitely been also generating a lot of interest in the art community in general. My only added prompt was “—ar 16:9.”

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