Question Mark Campaign: Light Projection On 3D Face

There are three reasons I do samples: to show clients possibilities they may not have seen from me before; to explore the various software programs I have, learning deeper their capabilities; and also to have fun!

This Question Mark (self-promotion) Campaign idea got started with the question, “What do you look for in an illustrator?” So I decided to overtly illustrate a question mark in each of the sample images.

This first one deals with using a 3D posable model and attempting to make it look as real and photographic as possible. I’ve included in the adjacent gallery images of various steps to produce this image because a lot of people think all you do is put a 3D model in front of the camera and then render it.

After building the model (1st 5 images), the real work that makes the image realistic begins: the posing of the expression. The ability to pose emotional and relatable expressions is key as well as having an in-depth understanding of lighting.

The 6th image is the final render of the woman’s portrait rendered in Daz Studio.

Image 7 shows a panel that was created with a small “keyhole” in the middle in the shape of a question mark. That is placed close to the front of the spotlight directly aimed at the model’s face. The closer the keyhole is to the light, the bigger the question mark projects onto her face.

Finally in Photoshop, the rendering of the face with the question mark projection is layered above the face rendered without the keyhole. Adjusting it to 42% opacity allowing the lighting on the whole face to be seen, but keeping the question mark dominant, the final image is complete other than minor adjustments in Photoshop.

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