Question Mark Campaign: Graffiti Alley Caught in the Act

Fourth image of the Question Mark (self-promotion) Campaign and certainly the most complex project in the series, this project involves using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Vue 3D software, Hexagon, and Daz Studio.

Because most clients think of me for 3D illustration or photo retouching, I wanted to include some Adobe Illustrator work. I used Illustrator to design and create the graffiti for the wall.

Then, the graffiti was combined with a stock photo of a brick wall which was duplicated and pieced together to make a larger wall and color corrected areas so that the overlapping was not noticeable.

A black and white bump map was made and the two images were applied to an alpha plane in Vue where it was rendered from a straight to camera view producing a brick pattern depth over the graffiti and the bricks.

Next the rendered wall was applied to a rectangular object surface in Hexagon and then exported directly to Daz Studio.

While working on the wall I also posed two Genesis 8 Male figures to be the graffiti artists.

To the Daz Studio file containing the graffiti wall and two graffiti artists the model of the EArkham’s Z World Secret Alley was added. The Graffiti wall was placed next to the building at the entrance of the alley and the posed graffiti artists were positioned.

At this point, various Secret Alley props were added, moved, or deleted and purchased spray paint models from TurboSquid were added to the scene directly from Hexagon after additional cans were duplicated from the original cans and new colors were added. Two cans were then placed in the hands of the graffiti artists and the rest on the floor near the wall.

The final step was to place a spotlight aimed at the graffiti artists who look startled and scared of being caught in the act.

Final NVIDIA Iray render was completed in Daz Studio.

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