Happiness is knowing your site is secure!

My wife always tells me, “If you’re going to complain when you don’t have work, you can’t complain when you do have work!”

So I’m not complaining here, but the reality is, when you’re in business for yourself as a freelancer, you have to wear many hats: service provider, promoter, new business person, bookkeeper, web designer, and tech support—just to name a few.

It’s that last one that I have the most trouble fulfilling when I’ve got lots of work for clients. I don’t have much time to work on my website and sometimes things slip by—like plugin updates or my SSL certificate expiring. 

If you went to my site recently, you probably got a warning message, “YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from www.boundless-creativity.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).” That was because my SSL certificate expired. 

GOOD NEWS! My SSL Certificate is up-to-date and valid! My site is secure! You can tell that it is because the address is no longer “http”, but is now “https”. Not only that, but my php is current, as is my version of WordPress, and my plugins, and I’ve even added a few new images.

So if you recently tried to visit my site, or if it’s been a while since you have, please do visit. There are 11 different galleries, my blog, and a couple pages about me and my company. 

Boundless Creativity by Big Al Gruswitz specializes in 3D and 2D photo-realistic illustration, 3D medical illustration, and difficult retouching. Sorry the only website I work on is my own—when I find the time!

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