MidJourney: the other side of cholesterol buildup in an artery where blood flow has stopped

Blood clot tunnel

I wanted to dramatize cholesterol blockage inside an artery. The 8th attempt at rewording the prompts resulted in the first two images here. 

MidJourney isn’t a medical illustrator, but with effort you can translate ideas into “layman’s language” with some interesting results. Instead of “we are inside a large artery,” I used the prompt “we are inside tunnel of large artery tube with cell walls.” 

Full prompt: we are inside tunnel of large artery tube with cell wall, small light yellow chloresterol cells clump on tunnel wall causing blockage, show also red corpuscles, emphasize flashing red warning lights background, haze, red shift, ultra high detail, realistic render, cinematic, octane render, —ar 16:9

There are some banned words on MidJourney such as “blood” and “organ.” So if you want to illustrate a red blood cell, you have to use the term “red corpuscles.”

Also included here are results of the following prompts:

3–4. cancer cell in lung tissue being attached by t-cell, dramatic lighting, microscopic detail, cinematic

5. male doctor and female doctor explore neurons traveling inside a giant brain, blue glowing lights on neurons, slightly hazy atmosphere, ultra-photorealistic, ultra-detailed

6–8. closeup doctors in spaceship hospital operating room, AI assisted, dramatic operating room lighting, blue glow, matte painting style, ultra-detailed. (Image 8 is variation on 7 rendered with MJ3.)

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