MidJourney: The Golden Hour

“The Golden Hour.” That’s what photographers call the early morning light right after dawn. That’s when I like to take a walk thru the woods near my home. The grass is wet from the fog. Everything is still, except for the chirping of birds elated to once again greet the dawn. 

Every walk is different. There’s a new field of purple flowers in bloom on the other side of the pond. A great blue heron just caught a small fish. 

Walking along a narrow path, the rhododendrons are in full bloom. And then I come to a small clearing filled with flowers that weren’t open just a couple days ago.

Finally, I come to my favorite stream and sit there for a while. It’s small, but this time of morning the light dances off of the rippling water surface. I’m at peace and one with my surroundings. Golden indeed.

(Some small amounts of retouching in Photoshop was added to the two images that have the man in them.)

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