MidJourney: Learning to Speak so MidJourney Understands

Two men walk into a bar. One is Chinese and the other Italian. They suspect they’d have a lot more fun if they could speak the same language, but they are having fun drinking together!

That’s how it’s been for all of us exploring MJ this last month. Frustration comes when you have an image in mind, but MJ just doesn’t seem to get what you’re looking for.

The problem is we have to find the right words to express what we see in our mind’s eye. First what is the subject? I wanted “a child made out of water.” No I wanted “a statue of a child made out of water.” That didn’t work either. Then today, I realized the subject wasn’t the child or statue, the subject was “water!” I wanted “water in the shape of a young child” and the logical place for that to happen wasn’t having it stand somewhere, but rather in a fountain. The first image below—MAGIC! The second—wrong vocabulary.

Then I pictured in my head a child made out of flowers. “portrait young child made out of flowers” didn’t come close to what I had in mind, but some lovely images were the results. “flower arrangement shaped like the face of a young child” at first was a little closer and finally MJ gave me some flower arrangements that looked like a face—cute, but still not exactly what I had in mind.

So I switched to “Topiary bush that looks like two green children.” I’m happy with that, for now.

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