MIdJourney: Dramatizing the Causes of Pain and Suffering

In 1971, the Carpenters sang “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.”

Synonymous with pain, loneliness, and suffering are rainy nights, empty city streets and the color blue. Synonymous with hurting, and pending doom are storm clouds, lightening, and red.

I combined some or all of these prompts into these images, to dramatize various causes of pain and suffering.

I continue to search for prompts that will give me the results I have in mind rather than experimental combinations to see what happens because clients have specific things they are going to want visualized to match their concepts—even if they are intrigued by what using MJ can contribute to the overall mood and look. 

It is possible to add a prompt of an image URL which I did to show MidJourney how I wanted a cane to be held when what I sometimes got was an arthritic hand merging into a cane.

I did minor retouching to half of the images to hide distracting elements. 

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