Chihuly Glass 1

Anyone who’s visited Seattle, knows Chihuly Glass having visited the museum at the base of the Space Needle. A huge collection of the works of Dale Chihuly is presented in the museum as well as an outside garden. 

I wanted to know if MidJourney knew Chihuly Glass and it certainly does—and these images prove it! The first 7 were produced in photo mode and the last 2 were artistic mode. This is not MJ duplicating Chihuly’s glass sculptures, rather it is reimagining Chihuly art based on this prompt: 

“large outdoors nighttime enchanted garden path heavily decorated with many large colorful Chihuly Glass long twisting sculpture very few spheres interspersed with shrubs, plants and tall grasses, ultra high detail, ultra realistic render, cinematic, octane render”

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