Celebrating 56 years in advertising with an eye to the future

Fifty six years ago this month, I started my first job in advertising as an apprentice at Art Group and Art Staff in Detroit. I was privileged to work along side illustration greats like Alan Kass, Ben Jaroslaw, Al White, and Dick Palulian. I learned about something I’d never heard of before—photo retouching. I purchased an airbrush and compressor and started duplicating the various retouching assignments the studio got using cull die transfer prints. All this and I even got paid—minimum wage—$1.25 an hour—that’s $60 for a 40 hour work week!

Fifty six years later I’m still in love with the business and thrilled that I’m still working in it (my rate has gone up a bit since back then)!

So here’s a new 3D illustration with a nod to my Motown roots while looking forward to the future continuing to work utilizing my skills and experience. 

A huge thanks to all who continue to come back with new assignments and keep me going in this great trade! Ready when you are!

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