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MIdJourney: Dramatizing the Causes of Pain and Suffering

In 1971, the Carpenters sang “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” Synonymous with pain, loneliness, and suffering are rainy nights, empty city streets and the color blue. Synonymous with hurting, and pending doom […]

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MidJourney: the other side of cholesterol buildup in an artery where blood flow has stopped

Blood clot tunnel I wanted to dramatize cholesterol blockage inside an artery. The 8th attempt at rewording the prompts resulted in the first two images here.  MidJourney isn’t a medical illustrator, but with effort you […]

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Glowing Things

A couple quick samples using “fm glowing things” purchased from

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TIGLUTIK “Free Bird” Winning Campaign

Calcium USA selects Big Al Gruswitz to illustrate TIGLUTIK Launch Campaign and wins recognition by PM360 Magazine.

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It’s About Time

The problem is time: too many meetings, too tight deadlines, and you want the time to make this new campaign great.

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