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MidJourney Photo Beta Tests

OK, I know this is going to be a tough choice for everyone, but who would you rather see play Wonder Woman: Jennifer Lopez or Betty White?

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Does MidJourney know what Dr. Fauci looks like?

I wanted to test if MidJourney would know what Dr. Anthony Fauci looks like and how Robert Bruno illustrates. Prompt: “Dr. Anthony Fauci as superhero, poster art in the style of Robert Bruno.” MJ2 did […]

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Gruswitz is looking

To celebrate my 58th anniversary of being in advertising this month, I thought I’d share an article I wrote that was published in Advertising Age, January 29, 1973—4 and a half years before I landed my first job in NYC!

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How do creatives come up with their ideas?

Sometimes it takes a momentary glimpse of something or someone and it gets the creative mind running excitedly in all directions. Sometimes it takes painful soul-searching. But once the spark is there, the mind goes […]

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Happiness is knowing your site is secure!

“If you’re going to complain when you don’t have work, you can’t complain when you do have work!”

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