About My 3D Dinosaurs Gallery

When I was 10, I won an art contest with a charcoal drawing I did of a Triceratops. Had my drawing and a photo of myself in the local paper and everything! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

So years later when I had a chance to do 33 3D dinosaurs for the Discovery Channel’s “Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs” I jumped at the chance! (Well not really, I actually had to start the project 4 days after knee replacement surgery because of the tight deadline.) 

It was a very cool change of pace from my usual advertising projects. Some of the posable models were available on line, but several models I commissioned from dinosaur model maker know as “DinoRaul” in Baltic Estonia. Each dinosaur had to be posed and the landscapes all had to be created as well. Now all my grandkids have copies of the book with their grandpa’s illustrations. Cool indeed!

To see more of my 3D dinosaurs, please visit my 3D Dinosaur Gallery.

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