3D Vials & Packaging vs Photography

I’ve had a number of requests lately to produce 3D vials and packages for new products where the packaging hasn’t been printed yet.

You have two choices: make physical mockups of the packaging from the mechanicals, have them photographed, and then retouched;

Or you can make 3D models based on the mechanicals and then render any images you need.

I’ve been able to prove that by going 3D you get better quality images and at far less expense. Not only that, but once the 3D models are made, the next time you want an image of the packaging from a different angle, using a different lens, on a different background, or with different lighting—all you have to do is use the same model and change the scene.

Let’s say down the road, the label changes—just provide the mechanical of the new label and it can easily replace the old label and then render the new images.

So the next time you need images of packages and the actual package doesn’t exist in reality yet, think virtual and go 3D. Oh, and if you want to include the package or vial in a photographic scene—no problem—I can match the lighting in the photo and then combine the 3D render with the photo for you in Photoshop!

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