Why am I still working at 75?

Just a few samples of why I enjoy what I do for a living.

June marked 55 years in advertising for me. 55 years! One would think that working 30 years as an AD and ACD in places like Campbell-Ewald (Detroit) and Saatchi & Saatchi (NYC) would have been a good run in this very competitive business. But then, 25 years ago, I started my illustration business, Boundless Creativity by Big Al Gruswitz, and still haven’t retired!

The truth is I have always loved this business, I love what I do, learning new skills, and continue to raise the bar on quality of what I produce with every project. Further, my clients wouldn’t keep coming back if my work wasn’t top quality. 

I’m not posting this to brag. I’m asking you to share in the joy that I feel knowing I’m very, very blessed!

Thanks to all who inspire me, who share my enthusiasm for creativity, and, yes, thanks to all who keep sending me work. Ready when you are!

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