The Day My Sons Knew Their Dad Had Made The Big Time

I’ll probably never be inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame, but that doesn’t matter to my 6 sons. They know their dad is someone special in the advertising industry. 

The day was October 19, 1990. It was episode 2 of the second season of the Simpsons called “Simpson and Delilah” and the episode starts with the Simpson family watching TV when a commercial comes on. A man is walking along the beach and he says, “You know somethings are as inevitable as the tide.” He proceeds to talk about a product called “Dimoxinil” for regrowing your hair. 

My sons were ecstatic! The line “You know somethings are as inevitable as the tide.” was the opening line in the launch commercial for Rogaine (minoxidil) that their dad had art directed! There dad had just been spoofed by the Simpsons! 

Take a look at the launch print ad (below) which uses the same male model as the TV commercial. The cartoon character is obviously based on that male model. 

It didn’t get me a bonus. I didn’t have everyone in the industry calling me to come to work for them. But that didn’t matter. My kids knew their dad had made “The Big Time!” How cool.

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